Youth Wrestling Season Blueprint

Improve your coaching by learning what to teach and how to teach it.

Many youth wrestling coaches have a general idea of what they want to teach, but aren’t exactly sure the best way to put it all together to maximize their team’s success. This blueprint will help you:

  • Teach in a systematic progression that dramatically improves retention and success on the mat.
  • Develop a foundation you can be confident in
  • Help your wrestlers jump levels, win more matches and build confidence
  • Start teaching wrestlers chain wrestling based on predictable reactions
  • Peak for the best results at the end of the season
  • Increase how many wrestlers return next season
  • Develop a love for the sport

What’s Inside the Blueprint?

You showed some moves but did they really learn it? Can they hit it successfully in a match? The learning process takes time and repetition. The teaching principles in this guide are based on 28 years of trial & error, as well as research into proven teaching methods in and outside of wrestling. These methods have taken kids from pure beginners to national champions (and all levels of success in between).

Every Week Systematically Planned Out

I did the work so you don’t have to. Each week is purposefully designed to build upon core principles and provide repetition of core skills across the season. You can follow the plans exactly or modify them to your own needs.

Teach Principles, Positions & Skills that Transcend All Moves

Wrestlers will learn how to always be in good position so future moves become easier to learn and can find success even if they haven’t learned a move yet.

Learn how to Breakdown Skills to Maximize Learning

You will break down moves into smaller parts and sequence teaching in a way that builds confidence sooner.

The 53 page Blueprint includes:

  • Learn the Technique Teaching System
  • Proper Wrestling Warm Ups
  • Top 6 Principles & Core Skills to focus on
  • Full Season of Practice Plans
    • Includes daily drills, technique to teach, games and live wrestling
    • Focus areas broken into 3 Season Phases
    • Weekly plans for both a 3 or 4 month season
    • 6 weeks of daily practice plans sequenced to maximize learning
  • Drills, Live & Games
  • 6 Alternate Practice Plans based on focus area or energy of the room
  • Methods of Managing Practices
  • Tips for dealing with discipline
  • Dealing with common situations
  • Coming soon…troubleshooting videos, technique videos and drills for the techniques included in the blueprint