Level Up Wrestling: Coaches Resource Center

Wrestling technique videos can be found anywhere online. This website goes beyond videos and teaches you how to become a better coach.

How? This is an entire teaching method based on 28+ years of obsessively figuring out how to become a better wrestling coach.  Not only has there been a lot of trial & error, but also proactive research into proven teaching methods both within and outside the world of wrestling. These methods have taken kids from pure beginners to national champions (and all levels of success in between). All I think about is how to make kids better at wrestling and I want to share my knowledge and experience with you. Read more About the Coach

So what will you find here?

Tactical, actionable items you can take into your next practice that will directly improve how you coach.

  • Guides – Thorough, detailed blueprints for running your season or resources for coaches
  • Articles – Coaching tips & methods as well as insights

What’s being developed?

  • Practice Plans – How to structure and sequence practices over time in a way that maximizes learning and builds confidence
  • Teaching Videos – Not just showing a move, but how to TEACH the move: explain it, demonstrate it and break it down in a way kids can understand
  • Troubleshooting – We diagnose common mistakes and an action plan for how to fix
  • Courses – In-depth courses specifically on how to improve your coaching skills

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